Sunday, March 29, 2015

Time for the Annual Big Poetry Giveaway (first year with my own book)

It's time for the annual Big Poetry Giveaway that Kelli Russell Agodon started six years ago, in order to introduce and share poetry and call attention to some of the poet blogs that are still active in the face of twitter and facebook soundbytes.

All you have to do is leave a comment and email on this post to be entered
(or make sure I can get in touch if you win or check back after the drawing).

It's a good way for people to hear about some shareworthy poetry books (and maybe even win a few) and also to learn about some of the interesting writer blogs that might be worth following.

Here are the two books I will be giving away this year:

The Existentialist Cookbook is my first book-length collection and it was published by NYQBooks.

This collection "sifts through the absurdity of modern living for scraps of philosophy, religion, and mathematics to blend into recipes for elegies and celebrations through the prism of chronology and humor."

These poems took a decade of road-testing in front of audiences at coffeehouses, bars, haiku death match slams, university theaters, and laundromats, before finally coalescing into this manuscript.
Here is a review by Donna Vorreyer in a recent issue of Stirring:

The other book I'll be giving away this year is 
Patricia Lockwood's Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals.
People had a great time with this one when I introduced it at my annual Christmas poetry exchange, so I'll give away one more copy in case you've never read poems like
"Is Your Country a He or a She in Your Mouth?"
Last of the Late Great Gorilla-Suit Actors
"The Fake Tears of Shirley Temple"
The Father and Mother of American Tit-Pics” (Walt Whitman nude, in the forest, staring deep into a still pool — the only means of taking tit-pics available at that time)
or if you just love this badass book cover:

Miscellaneous things about me:

Some of my favorite poets are Charles Simic, Denise Duhamel, Beth Ann Fennelly,
Jeffrey McDaniel, Brendan Constantine...

Yesterday I did a workshop called "Objectifying Your Poems: So Much Depends Upon Things"

As insinuated in that flyer, I explored the power of imagery through the neorealist cinematic synecdoche of Michaelangelo Antonioni & Harry Potter's muggle-proof modes of transportation.

That's probably a pretty accurate depiction of my influences and style. I always love the opportunity to bridge the divide between highbrow and lowbrow into a movement I would call Uni-brow Poetics.

I was included in the Phoenix New Times' list of 100 Phoenix Creatives:

I host a monthly reading series at Glendale Community College.
I also co-host the Caffeine Corridor Poetry Series (with Jack Evans and Bill Campana) every 2nd Friday at {9} The Gallery in downtown Phoenix.

I have enjoyed reading at a wild assortment of places and events, including street parades, art museums, hair salons, light rail trains, and between punk bands in bars.
I have ventured out of Arizona with my new book, to read at the Long Beach Poetry Festival in California and the Innisfree Bookstore in Boulder Colorado. Next week, I will be reading in Las Vegas at the First Friday Pop-Up Poetry event.
Hopefully, I will get to visit your city someday.

There will be many other blogs participating this year and each of them has chosen different books to raffle off. You can enter as many different drawings as you'd like.

You can see what books are being given away on other blogs, by checking the list at Kelli's page

You may discover some helpful/useful blogs to follow throughout the rest of the year.
Some of the blogs I bookmark and check frequently:

Diane Lockward-
Kelli Russell Agodon -
Sandy Longhorn -
Drew Myron -
Scott Woods -
Jessica Goodfellow -
The Storialist -

Let me know if there are any poetry blogs you recommend.

So feel free to leave a comment and enter this drawing (which will be held in the first week of May).


  1. It's so exciting to be able to give away your own book!!!

    Please enter me in your drawing!


  2. Shawnte -
    What a nice surprise to see my blog among your faves. Thank you!
    And congratulations on having your very own book to giveaway this year. It's a wonderful collection and I've been pressing it into the hands of many friends.

    You've never steered me wrong on poetry suggestions, so please do enter me in the drawing to win Patricia Lockwood's book.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi Shawnte, Count me in for the drawing! Thanks! Jessica jagueno at gmail dot com

  4. Good to see you around here, Allyson. I know you always enjoy this April blogfest as much as I do. I'll have to go check out what you've picked this year on your blog, when I get out of work.

    Thanks so much, Drew! Now I'll have to be extra careful about recommending anything to you, because I don't want to ruin my streak.

  5. Please enter me in the drawing.

    ~ Robin A. Sams (

  6. I'd love to be entered for either collection. Thanks :) Jessie Carty (jessie.carty at gmail)

  7. Wow! I would love to have either collection. Please enter me!

    Karen Weyant

    And please stop by my website

  8. I'd love to win either book. Please enter me.

  9. both of these books sound great. Please enter me in the giveaway.
    Linda Hofke

    And congrats on having your own book out. How exciting!

  10. Glad to see you participating in NaPo and the giveaway! Please add me to the drawing.

    Rodney Wilder

  11. Please include me in your drawing.
    Laurie Kolp

  12. Shawnte,

    Your book looks great! I'd love to win either collection and would be very happy. My name is Brian Wong and my e-mail is:

    Thanks so much and Happy Poetry Month!

  13. Shawnte,
    I would love to be entered in your drawing! I'm so excited about the prospect of winning either of these books, but especially your personal collection. Thank you!
    Marianne Mersereau -

  14. Please enter me in your drawing, Shawntee, and thanks for sharing!
    Jo Lightfoot - wayaclan [at]

  15. Thank you for participating in this giveaway! I just love the idea behind it. And it’s such a great way to discover new poets.

  16. Wonderful to have you taking part in this year BPG!!
    Toss me in the hat please.


  17. Shawnte, Please include me in the giveaway. I'm intrigued by the book descriptions you are giving away and would love to be able to investigate further.

  18. Shawnte, Please include me in the giveaway. I'm intrigued by the book descriptions you are giving away and would love to be able to investigate further.

  19. You forgot to mention your abiding love of psychotic clowns

  20. I just assumed that went without saying. Hahahaha.

  21. Both of the books you are giving away sound so interesting! Please enter me in the giveaway.

  22. Sign me up! I'll cross my fingers. Ron Lewis, Vermont Poetry Newsletter

  23. Thanks again to everyone who checked in here. In case you haven't seen my follow up post, I did get in touch with both winners and sent out their books this weekend.