Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tour Diary: Portland DAY FOUR mini Book Tour of the Pacific NorthWest

Finally posting recap 4 of 4 from my Northwest voyage.
I was fortunate enough to do 4 readings in 4 nights, but I needed to cram in a few of Portland's essential stops so Jessica and Jonathan Standifird from Blue Skirt Productions took me to places like Powell's Books and Voodoo Doughnuts:

We stopped by Andrew Gurevich's home/studio to record a podcast for his On The Block Radio show:

Then we headed over to The Corner Bar for the Salon Skid Row reading.
It's normally a sportsbar, but on Tuesday nights it converts to a weekly showcase of Portland's best writers. I walked in and all of the video monitors were playing one of my all time favorite films, Jean Cocteau's 1930 masterpiece Blood Of A Poet, so I knew I was in the right place.

Although this was my last reading of the trip, host Josh Lubin was the first person to give me a slot. I reached out to some local bookstores etc and heard some weak excuses like "we don't really have much luck with poetry readings." Apparently, Portland is predominantly a fiction and memoir town. So I'm still grateful that Josh was able to squeeze me into a lineup with this impressive trio of talented Portland writers:

Traditional Post-Salon Skid Row reading photo with Tommy Gaffney, Kathleen Lane, and Kevin Meyer

 I may have been spotted at an awesome late night food truck conspiracy also.

The next morning Jessica took me to see The Gorge before leaving town. Waterfalls or bust. 
This was the first day of my trip that included a bit of rain and it was as magnificent as I imagined.

Before hopping on a plane back to the desert, I even got to meet up 
and get a hug from my bad ass artist and welder sister Chela.

Loved getting to spend a few days with everyone in Portland and Auburn! 
Hope I get a chance to visit again soon.

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