Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tour Diary: Portland DAY ONE mini Book Tour of the Pacific NorthWest

Last week I traveled to the Pacific Northwest to do four readings in four nights around Portland and Seattle. That's almost like a legit mini book tour and it was all kinds of exciting. I'll post a highlight recap for each day over the next week or so.

DAY ONE - Portland

I landed in Portland at 5pm on Saturday with no idea of what my plans would be for the evening. My friend Jessica from Blue Skirt Productions picked me up from the airport and said we were going to an intimate artist salon type of dinner at her friend's house. She mentioned that after dinner, we would each take turns sharing something that we do with the group. I expected to read one of my poems, but I found out that each person gets 10-20 minutes on their turn so it turned into a proper "setlist."

There were writers and musician/songwriters and more. The woman who sat next to me read a chapter from her upcoming novel and it was terrific. Her name was Mo Daviau and her book Every Anxious Wave is due in 2016 from St. Martin's Press. The title is taken from a Lou Barlow lyric!!! so that made it even cooler for me. I wish I would have told her about the Lou Barlow poem in my book, but my brain was barely keeping up with everything that was happening around me:


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