Saturday, February 7, 2015

One Night-Only Art Mirage Pop-Up Performance and 3 poems up at Drunk In A Midnight Choir

The good folks over at Drunk In A Midnight Choir were kind enough to put up three of my poems up on their page. One is an ammosexual PSA, another deals with a downtown Superman, and the last one was about seeing Peter Jackson's documentary on Damien Echols and the West Memphis 3.

During First Friday, I had a great time reading some poems in a cool pop-up art performance event with some of my friends from Four Chambers Press.

Perry Allen took over a dirt lot in Downtown Phoenix and constructed "a small seating area and intimate stage" with tall wood panels to create a "pop-up performance and community creative space" dubbed The Lyceum. He invited a variety of artists, writers, musicians, dancers, storytellers to take turns on stage and try to attract and engage an audience.

Then they quickly dismantled the space as soon as the show was over, like nothing ever happened. A one-night only art mirage.
But I did snap a few photos to prove that we were there.

I walked by earlier in the evening to see everything getting set up, just before showtime.
Gotta love the welcome mat in the middle of the dirt.

Leah Marché (Black Poet Ventures)
Mujeres del Sol
Liliana Gomez
Four Chambers Press
Yarnball Storytellers
the Heaviest Cat
Grace Rolland (Rising Sun Daughter)


Then I met up with Jake Friedman and Jared Duran, so we could decide what to read, etc.
while waiting for Rosemarie Dombrowski to join us.

People were encouraged to create images while the show was happening.

and now it disappears without leaving a trace...


  1. That's wonderful! Love the idea.

  2. Me, too. It was a happy surprise, because I had no idea what to expect when I was asked to read a few poems on a street corner. I anticipated a disorganized train wreck and I was completely fine with that... those glorious disasters make excellent memories.
    But when I found out what kind of vision was involved, I was proud to have a small part in it.