Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Concentric Moments of Semi-Finalist Advocacy and a new Interview

I'm anxious to get a new collection "out there" so it was encouraging to learn that my chapbook manuscript "Concentric Moments Called Eternity" was a semi-finalist for Palettes & Quills biennial competition.

J.P. Dancing Bear was this year's judge and I've been a fan of his since his 2002 chapbook "What Language" from Slipstream Press, so it makes me happy to know that he was forced to read through my latest chapbook.

But if it wasn't going to be me, I was excited to see a familiar name as this year's winner. Congratulations to Meg Cowen! I was already grateful to know her as the editor of Noctua Review, which will be publishing two of my poems ("Weathered" and "Notes from a Kurosawa Film Festival") in their next issue. Now I am also excited to read her upcoming Dancing Bear endorsed chapbook, If Tigers Do Not Come.

In other news, I was interviewed for the latest edition of ASU West's Canyon Voices' Author's Alcove. I was worried about rambling on too long, so I tried to keep everything as brief as possible. I just hope I contributed enough. Reading through my own answers is like hearing my own voice on an answering machine, but it can be found online right over here.


  1. Congratulations Shawnte! Good for you for getting your work "out there." Take comfort that while your poems may not be Dancing Bear-endorsed, they are enjoyed by throngs of countless many. : )

    p.s. - can these spam-fighting codes get any more complicated?!

  2. Countless, indeed!

    Thank you, Drew. I appreciated your words and the fact that you fought through those spam filter checks to share them. Those things always frustrate me, too!