The Existentialist Cookbook

Published in August 2014 by NYQBooks.

In his debut collection, The Existentialist Cookbook, Shawnte Orion sifts through the absurdity of modern living for scraps of philosophy, religion, and mathematics to blend into recipes for elegies and celebrations. From Kurosawa films to "Project Runway," writers to rock stars, influences are embraced and wrestled as Orion magnifies mortality through the prism of chronology and humor.

"Reading The Existentialist Cookbook is like attending a raucous dinner party of the imagination."

~Denise Duhamel

"This debut collection offers the unexpected, looking at life in Technicolor and tie-dye. These poems are smart, funny, and poignant."
~Kelli Russell Agodon

"Shawnte Orion's The Existentialist Cookbook is a barrel-ride of styles down swirling rapids."
~Matt Mason

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