Sunday, May 3, 2015

Giveaway Winners and Video/Pics from the Phx Art Museum tour

(above photo stolen/borrowed from Jia Oak Baker)

First- thanks to everyone who entered this year's Big Poetry Giveaway drawing.
My cat Snoki supervised the drawing to ensure transparency and the winners were:

My own collection The Existentialist Cookbook goes to Robin A. Sams
& Patricia Lockwood's MotherlandFatherland Homelandsexual goes to Brian Wong

In other poetry month news, Four Chambers Press collaborated with the Phoenix Art Museum on a chapbook of writing inspired by the artwork on exhibit (or any other experience with the museum). To launch this project, we had two separate "tours" where we walked through the museum to have writers read in front of the artwork, gathering a crowd along the way. Here is a glimpse of those tours:

Jared Duran
Rosemarie Dombrowski
Jake Friedman
Jia Oak Baker was away at a Hedgebrook residency, so Rosemarie had to read Jia's poem inside the infamous Yayoi Kusama installation called You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies
Jack Evans

My poem in the chapbook was written after overhearing a partial conversation as I was exiting the museum a few years ago: "There's something so Antonioni about Phoenix."
Here's a video of me reading the poem in the museum lobby:

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