Thursday, April 2, 2015

Reasons Not to Recall Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

Reasons Not to Recall Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

Because taxpayer funding
shouldn’t be squandered on chalkboards
desks or science textbooks

Because the new economy is built by prisons
& incarceration is a renewable commodity

Because the fate of public education
should be decided by politicians
who can afford to send
their children to private schools

Because nobody has concerns
about next decade’s community
churning out more ex-cons than grad students

Because parents who want their children
to become budget priorities
should raise prisoners
instead of students

Because professors now teach
beneath a bureaucratic guillotine
& the cold stone reality that if voters
don’t have enough bread
then let them eat ice cream

 "For public education, the one-two punch of less state funding and failed budget overrides, in the face of increasing student populations, means districts are barely hanging on. Combine that with the legislature's giveaways to charter schools, and the GOP's goal is all too clear: privatized education. Also, the constant and very deep cuts to higher ed, including Arizona State, the largest university in the nation, have resulted in higher tuitions and increased corporate funding—making college less affordable to all but the wealthy and giving private industry more leverage in curriculum design."


  1. It's a chilling reality. Thanks for tackling it with a protest poem...something that I think we could use more of these days.

  2. No worries, Borb. I can survive a typo every now and then.

    Now that you put it that way, Ed... I kind of like the term Chilling Reality Poem.