Sunday, December 21, 2014

New poem in Threepenny Review and Fast Five Interview at Off The Page

An early Christmas present arrived in my mailbox in the form of my contributor copy of The Threepenny Review. I was already excited and proud to have my poem "Comfort Food on Two Tongues" included in such a fine journal, but I was delighted to discover that it also happened to be the 35th Anniversary Issue and my poem ended up sharing page 5 with Robert Pinsky. 
Good luck following that up, 2015.

PLUS poems by Jill McDonough, David Ferry, an essay on the film Finding Vivian Maier, beautiful photographs by Lee Friedlander and more:

I also had the honor of doing a Fast Five mini-interview for Drew Myron's Off The Page blog.

The Existentialist Cookbook, your first full-length book, offers a great blend of sharp and smart poems mixed with wonderfully tender and touching pieces. Was this range intentional?

Your poems are quick-witted, full of clever word play and pop culture references, and peppered with such engaging titles as, "Love in the Time of Hand-Sanitizer" and "Unable to Surface for Air During Shark Week." Who (or what) has influenced your writing?

So the answers to questions like these, can all be found at the following link:

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