Monday, August 18, 2014

Three (now, four) Poems from my co-host Bill Campana's new book "Said Beauty To The Blues"

So all of your friends bought the latest Mary Oliver or James Franco books because that's what's always in stock on the Barnes & Noble shelves...but you'd like something under the mainstream radar. Something outside the curriculum that can be your secret.

One of my co-hosts for the Caffeine Corridor Poetry Series Bill Campana will be having an unofficial and unauthorized book launch reading Wednesday night at Glendale Community College, so I asked his permission to post a few sample poems from his book to give people a glimpse into the peculiar way he sees the world.

folk poem #2 / joint custody

every saturday morning
a man who looks like he might someday
drown his four-year old son
in one of the nearby irrigation canals
comes into the coffee shop
with a four-year old boy
who looks like he is ready
to begin swimming lessons

light and darkness but mostly darkness and then light again

one hand holds a gun to my head
the other fills out the self addressed stamped envelope
and the suicide forms

when i die the birds will sing
the same songs they sing now
not one note bluer

if i were a blind man i would stir
the cocktail with a white cane swizzle stick
wander into a wine flavored blizzard

flashes of light on the rims of my eyes
count darkness as one
sleep walk into the void

hold a gun to the hand that holds the pen
write until the entire page is black
edit until the entire page is white

bon voyage

only a diehard hypochondriac
would trade in his car
for a used ambulance

then while suffering
the most debilitating case
of buyer's remorse

blame the chip
in the windshield
on a kidney stone


at the library
looking at a book
about the sun

a man walks by
carrying a book
about the moon

the librarian

But his poems have to be heard to be believed,
so if you're in the neighborhood on Wednesday Sept. 20th
come to the Free Association Open Mic Poetry Series
at Glendale Community College
with special featured readers Bill Campana & Sara Dobie Bauer

Glendale Community College (in Student Union room 104)
6000 W. Olive Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85302

FREE and open to the public
open mic starts at 7pm

Campus Map for where to PARK and where to find the Student Union:

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