Friday, August 15, 2014

My Book Is Officially OUT NOW - The Existentialist Cookbook at an Online retailer near your wi-fi

"Reading The Existentialist Cookbook is like attending a raucous dinner party of the imagination."
~Denise Duhamel

"This debut collection offers the unexpected, looking at life in Technicolor and tie-dye. These poems are smart, funny, and poignant."
~Kelli Russell Agodon

"Shawnte Orion's The Existentialist Cookbook is a barrel-ride of styles down swirling rapids."
~Matt Mason

I got this beautiful box of books this week and I'm not even going to pretend that I was too cool to COMPLETELY FREAK OUT but secretly and silently within my own head, of course.

Here is the official page at the NYQBooks website with all of the info, blurbs, availability and ordering info (links to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Powell's, Small Press Distribution, etc).

Hopefully it will show up on Goodreads soon!

I can't thank Editor Raymond Hammond and NYQBooks enough for taking so much care to make these turn out more perfect than I could have hoped. Carol Roque's cover art looks even more fantastic in real life.

Locally, I will be putting together a Book Launch event at {9} The Gallery on Saturday evening, September 6th. More on that as details are confirmed.

It was more than a decade in the making and there were several times when I doubted that it would ever come together. But I am incredibly fortunate that it ended up in NYQ's hands and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Thanks to the hundreds of people who have shown interest and support along the way. Most of you don't even know how much you meant to me at certain points.

So I am excited and proud to be able to take this out for some readings in other cities and states (looks like California's Long Beach Poetry Festival will be my first outing on October 18th).
I hope this book makes lots of new friends out there in the world.

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