Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Belated Trick-or-Treat writing exercise (pumpkin spice not included)

Since the Pumpkin Spice flavored dust is settling from Halloween, it seems fitting that a few more of my "costume poems" have found literary homes recently.
It was a poem cycle that I wrote for a performance where I basically went trick-or-treating as some of my favorite Phoenix poets.

Up The River, a brand new journal from the Albany Poets, has three poems available HERE, including my poems for Barry Graham and Rosemarie Dombrowski.
(by the way- this was a promising debut issue, so I hope Up The River continues to do exciting things)

Mouse Tales Press also published my Jack Evans poem in this recent issue. Jack is one of my favorite humans. I've been co-hosting a monthly poetry series with him for the past five years and I wish everyone knew him as much as I do.

Then Mouse Tales Press published my Aaron Johnson poem in this current issue.
 (by the way- MTP editor Linda G. Hatton takes GREAT care of your work before publishing it, so go ahead and send her some good stuff)

I was fortunate to absorb the influence of friends like Rosemarie, Barry, and Aaron. Although they are all very different from each other, we've been involved in some memorable events together over the years. Laundromat readings, street festivals, colleges, etc.

So it's a great writing exercise to explore.
Try to envision the world from another poet's perspective.
You will end up writing things that you weren't on track to discover and it will stretch the boundaries of your own obsessions and style. I think of it as a meta-persona poem.


  1. I'm digging the "Latchkey Lesson Plan."

    Congratulations on your rash (in a good way, not in the excema or contagious itch sort of way) of success.

  2. If it's a rash, then I hope it's contagious... and permanent!