Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Creative Field Trips for Writing Lulls

I try to collect words and images, in case they end up being useful and perhaps making some future poem better. Often, these are the words and phrases that just seem to find me at unexpected/inconvenient times. But I also like to go out hunting for miscellaneous debris, every now and then. Field trips to grocery stores, museums, parks, and city streets can be productive writing retreats. You never know what you might notice if you're noticing.

It's a good idea to take a camera. It helps get you in the mindset of looking for images worth remembering and requires considerations of composition and perspective.

Here is a glimpse of yesterday's Thrift Store excursion:

Speaking of Thrift Store art: I love these "adding monsters to thrift store paintings" images:

But back to writing: where are some of your favorite places to hunt for literary materials?


  1. I completely agree--inspirational "debris" (as you call it) is plentiful in thrift stores and antique malls (a favorite of mine).

    Riding the bus always does the trick for me :).

  2. Most excellent! That ceramic Raggedy Anne doll with the missing eye is SCARY!!!

  3. Maybe that raggedy wink will show up on the cover of some future chapbook.

    p.s.- Sandy, I almost mentioned your collages, when I thought about other poets and their alternate creative exercises.

  4. That's an excellent example, Hannah.
    One of my friends is constantly posting these crazy "Tales From The Bus" chronicles on Facebook and it makes me jealous that I'm not able to take a bus to work.

  5. That first shot cracks me up! I love thrifting. Next time I will take my camera. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. My shoulders were shaking from laughing so hard when I was trying to take that photo that I was afraid it would be too blurry to post.