Sunday, April 28, 2013

Three Poems with Audio Clips in the new issue of Canyon Voices

Since I had work published in the past few issues of Canyon Voices Literary Magazine, I wasn't planning to submit anything this time around. I've had some great times with their journal, staff, and launch I didn't want to wear out my welcome. But as the deadline drew near I got an email from their current lead poetry editor (thanks, Arthur Morales!) to ask if a particular poem that he once heard me read was available. Unfortunately, it was awaiting publication at another press, but I did submit another batch of poems.

A few weeks later, I was happy to learn that they were not sick of me (yet) and picked up three of my poems for their latest issue. This time you can even hear audio clips of me reading these poems into the abyss of cyberspace, by CLICKING THIS link for the POETRY section of Canyon Voices Issue 7.

A few quick notes on the poems:

DEDICATION spun out of a Julio Cortazar poem called "The Good Boy." He's been one of my favorite writers, mainly known for his short stories, but I once stumbled onto a collection of his poetry with a great cover photo of him with a cat and it made me very happy.

UNABLE TO SURFACE FOR AIR DURING SHARK WEEK spun out of cable television's tendency to be a muse and the pets that have taken over my own house.

CHEESE was shortened from a piece that I originally performed at an Encyclopedia Show about The Moon...making it obvious that I've never taken an astronomy class.


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