Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Haiku Valentines for everyone who came to hear Jennifer Spiegel at our GCC reading

In February, I give out  Haiku Valentines on those little elementary school cards
at the monthly reading I host at Glendale Community College.
Stuff like this:

I love you the most
when you're missing me. Let's drift
apart together.

Cold feet dance away.
Hit club. Occurrence at Owl
Creek Chapel. She does.

I hate when sexist
frat douchebags objectify
babes like that one bitch

Be mine to share
Facebook Valentine
Like at first sight

xo xo x
xo xo xo x
o xxx o

Only one winner
of her affection. Rock, Paper,

Titanic smile. Your
kiss is the iceberg I can't

This month we had a great turnout for Valentine's Eve and Jennifer Spiegel 
signed and read from her new novel Love Slave (Unbridled Books
and her short story collection The Freak Chronicles (Dzanc Books)..


  1. I LOVE these haiku, Shawnte -- and delivered on old-school valentine cards is just perfect. so simple, so fun, so brilliant!

  2. It was so difficult to find little kiddie cards that had room to write on. I guess kids aren't expected to have anything to say.