Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Found Poem issue of MiPOesias to wind down the year

I'm excited to be included in the new multimedia issue of MiPOesias, along with Sheila Squillante, Edward Nudelman, Joshua Gray, Sam Rasnake, Samuel Peralta, Ken Taylor, Jenny Sadre-Orafai, Jack Anders, Terry Lucas, Rena Rossner, Jill Khoury, and Timothy Brainard.

This was a Found Poetry issue, edited by Joshua Gray and Didi Menendez, who is making use of technology, by incorporating text, photographs, and audio recordings of the poets reading their poems into a free iPad issue format.

iPad users can download the issue for free through iTunes, 
but you can also scroll through a non-iPad version of the issue (without the audio recordings) here: 

It started out with a call for "found poems" generated from your 2012 facebook timeline, but there's also an essay about found poetry by Jack Anders and a cool "erasure poem" based on Chapter 1 of Einstein's 'Relativity: The Special and General Theory' by Samuel Peralta.

My poem is mostly status update lines twisted out of context in some way and spliced with a line from a rejection letter and a good atlas quote that I overheard in conversation with Jeff Falk.

Several facebook-ish photographs accompany each poem. One of mine is of Ernesto Moncada sketching the poets who attended the December Caffeine Corridor Poetry Series reading that I co-host with Jack Evans. Our art gallery venue was closing down at the end of the year, so I thought it would be cool to sneak some of those familiar faces into MiPOesias.

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