Thursday, August 16, 2012

Post In Which I Basically Yell At Technology To Get Off My Lawn

In this Kindled E-Reader world, I'm always thankful for real books and magazines with pages you can fondle.

While I love having some of my poems in online journals, so they can be found
or stumbled upon, by anyone at anytime,
I also love getting contributor copies of journals in the mailbox.

Recently, I had a poem in the debut issue of Garbanzo Literary Review, which publishes "hand-created books that are rivet bound, silk bookmarked, screen-printed dust-jacketed, and individually numbered" as an off-shoot of Seraphema Books. Here is the wonderful contributor package that they sent me.


They recently got a good write-up in New Pages, so I hope the issue will be worth their effort.

Speaking of loving books: while this is only a parody, it's still my favorite song of the summer (and I never liked the original Jay-Z, Kanye West track).

The librarian/poet on my friendslist who posted it on facebook, said that this is basically library porn.

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