Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tanzaku and Improv Poetry Out & About This Week

I'll be reading a few poems at some intriguing events this week.

Thursday, I will be reading a few poems at the closing reception for this Tree Of Life public art project, made from recycled old neckties, jeans, Hawaiian shirts, bathing suits, etc.

It's bigger than I thought. For scale, here's artist Mary Lucking putting it together:

Then on Saturday night, I will be reading a few poems that will be immediately interpreted and acted out by an improv theater troupe at The Torch Theater's "improvised book club."  This one centers around Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, but I'm not sure if I am expected to stick to that topic, or if I should just choose a few poems that seem like good springboards for reenactments. In any case, I am looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. I love not being able to expect what to expect.

Speaking of unexpected, someone just stumbled onto an old youtube clip of me reading a poem that I wrote during the last Presidential election, or maybe it just took them three or four years to compose this comment that they finally figured out how to post:

"Congratulations, you've made people who already "agree" with your hatred, laugh a little. You've given people who don't "agree with you", confirmation of all their stereotypes (long haired grungy hippie, etc). And you've given "undecideds" a real clear glimpse of your immaturity. Well done. "


  1. Improvised book club? That sounds amazing!! Please report back about it.

    Do NOT worry about what bitter folks say.

  2. Thanks, Hannah. As a bitter folk, myself,
    I have nothing but tolerance and understanding for bitter others. Ha.

    Hopefully, someone will be recording some video of that improv event, because it might be pretty difficult to explain.