Sunday, March 18, 2012

new poem in the upcoming debut issue of Garbanzo Literary Journal

I will have a poem called "Of Doves And Olive Branches" in the debut issue of Garbanzo Literary Journal. You never know what to expect from a brand new issue, but I liked that this one was being put together by an interesting little press that makes cool handmade books. So I submitted a few pieces, because I thought it would be exciting if I was able to be included in that kind of project, in this day of Kindled e-reading.

"Garbanzo is to be published digitally with distribution through the iBookstore, as well as in a limited run of one hundred four and six-tenths copies as part of the Seraphemera Quiescence series of chapbooks - hand-created books that are rivet bound, silk bookmarked, screen-printed dust-jacketed, and individually numbered.  There are, without a doubt, no other books being created in this way, anywhere, within a solar system or three."

Happily, they did end up picking one of my poems and they even offered some additional comments that meant a lot to me:

"All of your poems have a very lovely twist on perspective, taking something that is, often, for granted because it has been thought of so often, and making it a touch new."

The issue isn't due to come out until May 25th, but they've been providing some glimpses of their hands-on process, which did nothing but justify my initial curiosity about the press.

"Last night (and into this morning) we screen printed the covers for the journal.  Here are three images that define the Gocco, hard at work, printing glorious tones that ink jet and laser printers can only dream about..."

I love seeing a press put so much care into production,
so I look forward to seeing what might be found inside.

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