Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stuck Inside of Facebook with the Agriculture Blues Again up at The Feathertale Review

I didn't realize that a few months ago, The Feathertale Review posted my
"Stuck Inside of Facebook with the Agriculture Blues Again"
you can read the entire piece by clicking right here

I heart The Feathertale Review. It's a quirky Canadian magazine (is that redundant?) that mixes humor and illustration and it's all kinds of entertaining.

Behind The Poem: since I ended up giving this a Bob Dylanesque title, I once decided to try performing it as Dylan, for an outdoor reading. So I contacted a musician friend named John Luther, who plays guitar with a local punkgrass band (The Haymarket Squares) and gave him the vague instruction that I needed some acoustic guitar in an Its Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) kind of vibe. That was all he needed. He showed up with the perfect Bobby Zimmerman funk to accompany my words and it was lots of fun.

Behind The Music: his band is popular here in Arizona, but they're also getting noticed around the world. Right now they're doing really well on a European tour and PETA recently tweeted this drive-thru guerrilla video that they filmed in a KFC (John Luther is the guitarist on the right of the screen).


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words on my poem in Contrary, Shawnte! I really appreciate that--I was thrilled to have a poem in there (love what they do).

    This Feathertale Review seems great! I hadn't heard of it--and your poem in there is excellent (right on about the way Farmville seems to overflow...).

  2. Yes, Contrary is one of those places I try to remember to check out, every now and then. I always think it's cool when I recognize poets from elsewhere.

    I also had some work in one of the old print issues of Feathertale and I was so excited to get my issue and see the illustrations that accompanied my piece. They send each piece of writing to an artist, so there are fantastic images to go along with every page.
    Eclectic and unique, eh.