Saturday, October 29, 2011

Look What The Photography Cat Dragged Into The Art Gallery

Better late than later, so here are a few photos from the gallery exhibit launch of that Phoenix Poetry Series retrospective anthology issue of Merge.

Sean Deckert's photographs were displayed alongside handwritten copies of the poems from the journal.

I was worried about my handwriting, but it was probably as horrible as everyone else
and my spirallesque layout could do nothing to hide it.

Of course we also had readings throughout the night.
This is David Chorlton, whom I first saw/heard about 17 years ago.

I stole/borrowed these last two photos from Sean, just to prove that I was there and took part in some of the action.

I do have a few copies of that issue to send out to those of you who asked for one.
But as you can see, it always takes me awhile to get around to things. But I promise that it will show up in your mailbox, when you least expect it/have completely given up on me.


  1. Shawnte -
    I love the art & words collaboration. The handwritten poems give the exhibit a great grassroots-y, intimate vibe. What a cool show!

  2. It was a great experience. I'm so glad that Sean (the photographer) took such an interest in our project and made that all happen (he was responsible for setting up the gallery exhibit and wanting handwritten poems included in the show).