Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ASU both East and West and giveaway winners

No matter how disappointed I am in their lame new logo, that tries to phase out Walt Disney's mascot likeness. Arizona State University has been kind to me, lately.

ASU West has one of my poems up in their new online journal Canyon Voices (the poem, Avoiding Aphids, was probably inspired by the song that made me fall in love with Radiohead) and I also won this awesome art print at the recent launch party. It was a very insect-laden evening.

Over on the main Tempe campus, I was asked to address the topic of The Moon at a recent Encyclopedia Show. I was writing for it until 3;30am the night before and you can tell by how I stumble my way through its sloppiness and keep losing my place. But it was a lot of fun, so I don't mind posting the video here.

As for April's Poetry Giveaway winners:

Thanks to everyone who entered or participated. For the sake of fairness and transparency,
my drawing was overseen by the honorable Snoki.

Beth Ann Fennelly's Open House goes to Jessica Goodfellow,
who has a great blog at Axis Of Abraxas.

My chapbook goes to Renee, who only left an email, so I'm not sure if she posts a blog.
Otherwise I would link to it.

Whew. Now that National Poetry Month is over,
we can get back to focusing on stuff that actually matters.

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