Sunday, March 6, 2011

On The Brevity Of Titles and a poem in the new issue of Sakura Review

One of my earlier poems that would usually get a very positive response, after readings
but could never make its way into publication, had a heavy-handed title like "On The Absence
Of Racism In Ancient Greece." In fact, it had a title exactly like "On The Absence Of Racism In Ancient Greece."
Recently, I reined the title in a little bit to "Beyond Translation" and coincidentally
it was just published in the latest issue of Sakura Review.

I received my contributor's copies the other day and was happy to see that I am in the same issue with great poems from J. P. Dancing Bear (because I loved his 2002 chapbook from Slipstream Press, "What Language") and Jeffrey C. Alfier (who included one of my poems in the debut issue of a journal he edits called San Pedro River Review).

Some of the poems from new-to-me poets that caught my attention on the first pass through, include a couple of short ones from E. Ethelbert Miller, an interesting cut-up from Jenn Monroe, and one by Eleanor Paynter.

In December, I was scheduled to read with Bakeem Lloyd at the monthly Phoenix Poetry Series. We decided to "cover" one of each others' poems somewhere during our own set and he chose Beyond Translation. I have a really shaky bootleg video of him reading it. Yes, it looks like it may have been poorly dubbed from another language, like in old karate movies...but here it is:

I read two short ones from him. I don't have any video of it, but this is one of the ones I chose to read. He wasn't sure it would sound right, coming from me. But I thought that's what would make it even more interesting... although I am no Tony Hoagland.

movie extra in a bad relationship

our relationship
has always had the earmarks
of a bad horror movie

and I for one am so tired
of playing
the white girl
running through the forest
in high heel shoes

---Bakeem Lloyd

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