Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Always a Prizemaid Never A Prize

I am very proud to be chosen by Jeffrey McDaniel as this year's runner-up
for the Tucson Poetry Festival's Will Inman Award.

Last year I was third place. This year I was second place.
Obviously, anyone with the most basic grasp of mathematical trends
can see where this is headed.
Yes, exactly... in two years I will be zero place.

For proper accounting purposes, my manuscript consisted of these four poems:

Notes From A Kurosawa Film Festival
Do Androids Dream Of Electronically-Deposited Unemployment Checks?
The Existential Chef


  1. Congratulations! Perseverance pays, even if the slog seems slow. To place at all is an accomplishment.

    Nice to see you posting again. It's been awhile.

  2. Thanks for noticing, Drew.

    My schedule got turned upside down, so I have been trying to adjust. Late night was when I used to peruse internet blogs, write and all of that superfluous nonsense that smells like oxygen in my nostrils. I'm just now figuring out little ways to compensate. Your blog was one of the top three or five, that I have been missing.

    "perseverance pays"

    I believe it was Sisyphus, who first said that.

  3. congrats! :-)

    I'm hardly ever on any blogs anymore what with the facebook madness. I decided to come slumming to the blogs today. :-P

  4. This just might be one of the slummiest.