Sunday, October 3, 2010

returning to the back alley scene of the crime

This month, I will be featured poet at the Words In The Alley, that takes place
in the newly renovated alleyway of A Shot Of Java coffeehouse.

It would be IMPOSSIBLE to top what happened the last time I did a feature reading there, so I can only promise that it will be different.

In case you missed last year's reading, here's a glimpse at what transpired:

First, a little backstory: several years ago, we saw a touring poet who was not very good. He became a running joke for all of us who endured his set. Among his many offenses, he had an obnoxious banner that he set up on the stage beside him.

Mark has been threatening to make me my own banner, ever since. I kind of forgot about that, but when I approached the mic to perform my set, he ambushed me with THIS:

It was embarrassing but amazing and it took me several minutes to stop laughing and begin reading. Half of the audience was cracking up because they were in on the joke. The other half just looked "Who the hell does this egomaniac think he is????"

Instead of The Hunter's club and shield from the constellation, Mark originally had me holding a club and a book, but his wife Dani suggested that I should be holding a pen instead of the club to complete the theme.
Btw- all of the stars are sparkly rhinestones!

It was hilarious and creepy to see that thing looming behind all of the poets
who were reading during the open mic:

Someone mentioned that it also reminded her of one of the Harry Potter books.
So I looked it up and I can see exactly where she got that vibe: