Thursday, October 21, 2010

How random is random when it comes to Postcards??

Four years ago:
I flew over to Los Angeles with my good friend Rocky, to see a Dinosaur Jr. reunion show at The Troubador . We had some time to kill before the show, so my only L.A. friend Caren took us to an art-walk tour of the Brewery Arts district that was also happening that weekend. There were a lot of memorable studios and artists, but since I was on a poet's budget, my shopping spree consisted of grabbing promo-postcards (that are given away for free) from the artists who caught my eye.

Two months ago:
I participated in a cool postcard exchange project that was arranged by the Albuqurque poet Christian Drake (who keeps a fantastic blog over at The Quantum Biologist). He secretly assigned each poet with the addresses of two other poets and commanded you to send them a poem on the back of a postcard.

So I ended up using one of the postcards that I collected from that Los Angeles trip, mailed it off to a poet in Texas named Faylita Hicks (we didn't know each other) and forgot about it.

Two weeks ago:
I got an unexpected email from Los Angeles artist Mark Hix, saying that he received my postcard, out of the blue. The post office apparently had some problem delivering it, so it was returned to him (since his studio address was printed in the back corner).

I think he thought that was kind of cool, so he posted it over on his own blog:

So, I am sorry that it never got to Faylita,
but at least this proves that I did mail one out, Christian.
Hopefully, this will be enough to keep me from getting excluded
from any of his future postcard exchanges.


  1. i beleive there are no "accidents". they only
    appear that way to us.
    i hope your reading went well.

  2. It was one of my favorite readings. I did an entire set of brand new poems that I've never tried out before, so it was exciting.
    I even read that postcard poem and it went over very well.

  3. Crazy and strange and wonderful experience!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting.

  4. Yeah, it was a cool experience and I even received a great poetry postcard all the way from Vancouver.

    So I look forward to participating in another round. But I decided that I should wait until after all of the holiday dust settled, before signing up again.

  5. Awesome! Everything with reason... glad I got to read it!
    -Faylita Hicks

  6. Me, too. I guess it doesn't matter how many detours it took, as long as it eventually got to you.